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About Marc

Marc Lin Low was born in Lansing, MI but his family relocated to the Dallas, TX area when he was six years old. As a child, he always had a very active imagination. In 1977, he saw Star Wars and it inspired him to pursue a future career as a writer, director, actor, and producer. He took that inspiration and made a series of audiotaped variety shows in which he played all of the parts. The show even included a serialized Star Wars short at the end of each program. When Marc began middle school, he started writing movie scripts. His creative motivations were now also driven by his newfound love for roleplaying games, most notably, Dungeons and Dragons. Once in high school, Marc continued to write profusely. He wrote song lyrics, short stories, plays, and movie scripts. One of his songs was published as a poem in the school literary journal at Plano Senior High School, and he adapted one of his short stories for a film he made in his senior year.

Once high school was completed, Marc went to college but did not pursue his dream. Instead, he studied history and political science with the aim of continuing his education in law school and becoming a corporate lawyer. That plan also never came to fruition as he did not complete his studies at North Texas. In the following two decades, Marc worked a variety of jobs, spent 6 years in the US Navy, made several other college attempts, and raised two daughters into their teen years.

Now in his forties, Marc is finally pursuing one of his childhood dreams and returning to his love of writing. He writes Science Fiction and Fantasy novels and short stories. His influences include but are not limited to, Piers Anthony, Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick, Neil Gaiman, Robert Asprin, Terry Brooks, Harry Harrison, and George R. R. Martin.